potato tasting – fiesta de la papas

as bolivia is the country with the most different kinds of potatos in the world  it is nearly a logical decision to try some of them. before we could start cooking we had to do a little survey at the market to find out some details about bolivian potatos. to find the regular types is not a problem, because big sacks of them are available everywhere at the market. a harder thing was to find out about special types of them, because most of them are not called patatas/papas(potatos) but have different names and sometimes don`t look like potatos. with a little luck and help from the women at the market we could manage to have at the end 7 different types of potatos(4 regular with different colors, papalisa, papa seca, oca). as it is not a lot of fun to do cooking and testing alone, find some people to join the cooking have some drinks and make a party out of it is much more fun. greetings to deborah, lee, amanda, kati and jonas it was a great time with you.

Here some impressions of bolivian potatos: